As a vendor and technology agnostic engineering firm, we strive to be unbiased in our practices. We cannot partner with any equipment manufacturer and we never advocate any particular technology. Instead, our services are designed to make sure that we not only satisfy the client’s needs but also exceed their expectations while reducing the digital divide whenever possible.

We provide our clients with innovative solutions that meet the specifications and recommendations of international standards bodies, including ITU, IEEE, IETF, 3GPP, GSA, and Wi-Fi Alliance, as well as NEBS, Telcordia, ETSI, RUS, etc.

Our Project Managers follow international project management standards and best practices and abide by the Project Management Institute code of ethics to deliver successful project results.

DigiBridge TelCo follows four (4) fundamental steps to ensure excellent project results no matter the nature and size of the project:

    • Project Initiation
    • Project Planning
    • Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
    • Project Closing

The DigiBridge TelCo portfolio of services is composed of the following three (3) areas of expertise:


“DigiBridge TelCo relies on a team of tenured engineers and experienced telecoms and IT specialists to design every telecoms or IT infrastructure they deploy.”
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“Most organizations confuse executing project activities with project management. They sometimes possess the technical expertise in their respective fields, but they lack the knowledge to follow professional project management standards”
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“DigiBridge TelCo has an extensive network of telecommunications and IT professionals as well as legal and financial experts spread across North America, Europe, and Africa.“
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