Telecommunications and IT Professional Project Management
Most organizations confuse executing project activities with project management. They sometimes possess the technical expertise in their respective fields, but they lack the knowledge to follow professional project management standards to deliver project results that meet and exceed the client’s expectations and avoid putting the client’s assets in jeopardy. Without clear project management standards and procedures, they shoot from the hip and navigate without sight, striving to just get the job done.

The DigiBridge TelCo project professionals do not put client’s assets at risk by navigating blindly. Instead, we rely on a comprehensive project management plan comprised of individual management plans focused on components such as communication, schedule, budget, risk, and quality. In addition, we apply professional project management standards and industry best practices to deliver project objectives in a timely manner.

We also rely on the Project Management Institute’s standards and best practices to develop our project process.

DigiBridge TelCo follows four (4) fundamental steps to ensure excellent project results no matter the nature and size of the project:

    • Project Initiation
    • Project Planning
    • Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
    • Project Closing