Telecommunications and IT Strategy
DigiBridge TelCo has an extensive network of telecommunications and IT professionals as well as legal and financial experts spread across North America, Europe, and Africa. We rely on our in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications sector in emerging markets to allow investors to achieve successful acquisition and divestiture transactions and develop profitable Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreements. In addition, DigiBridge TelCo possesses the insight for accompanying telecommunications and IT service providers in their strategic planning and initiatives to develop policy for bridging the digital divide. We have also conducted business opportunity research in Africa and the Caribbean Islands to not only understand those markets’ technology challenges but also uncover business opportunities for investors looking forward to entering the ICT market in emerging countries. DigiBridge TelCo is also continuously monitoring the ICT market to develop a better knowledge of regulatory policies and the ICT ecosystem (major carriers, ICT institutions, services supply/demand, challenges, and contractors). We are constantly exploring new ways for developing new partnership agreements with ICT actors in emerging markets that could lead to new challenges and open up further business growth perspectives. The DigiBridge TelCo portfolio of Telecommunications and IT Strategy services is composed of the following areas of expertise:

  • Acquisitions/ Divestitures
  • Investment (Risks and Opportunity Analysis, SWOT Analysis)
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business planning
  • ICT Policy Development
  • Universal Service Policy
  • ICT Market Research and Analytics
  • ICT Due Diligence